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This web site contains samples of my general photography work.

Welcome to dco-photos

As you will see, my work is mainly concentrated around Wildlive and Landscape photography, but you will find more than these two wonderful areas. You will also find architecture, holidays, macro photography, ...

Note that photographed people won’t be shown here, only in the private area, and only with the authorisation of the concerned people.

All the pictures seen on this web site have been photographed, produced and adapted by the author: Dominique Cooreman. Inclusive, but not limited to the flash animation.

For your own comfort, and in order to see the pictures as produced and not distorted in terms of colours at least, note that the colour profile of all

pictures is sRGB, so it is recommended to see them with a calibrated monitor with an sRGB profile (this is industry standard for internet).

For the galleries and albums, at least Adobe Flash Player 9 is required. Please visit Adobe:

Latest Gallery

New pictures from the USA Tour in 2010.

Latest Gallery (Landscape) >>

Current Photo Project

Processing pictures...

Current Project >>

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Future Photo Work/Project

Will try some Infra Red Photography.

Future Project >>

Currently some used equipment for sales, sometimes appearing on ebay as well: